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Courses Offered

The Physics Department offers courses in Astronomy (AST), Engineering Science (EGM), and Physics (PHY and PHZ).

AST1002 - Descriptive
AST3222 - Introduction to Astrophysics
AST3905 - Directed Study

Catalog Course Information for Astronomy

PHY1020 - Introduction to Concepts in Physics
PHY2048 - Calculus-Based Physics I
PHY2048L - Calculus-Based Physics I Lab
PHY2048C - Calculus-Based Physics I Studio
PHY2049 - Calculus-Based Physics II
PHY2049L - Calculus-Based Physics II Lab
PHY2053 - Algebra-Based Physics I
PHY2053L - Algebra-Based Physics I Lab
PHY2054 - Algebra-Based Physics II
PHY2054L - Algebra-Based Physics II Lab
PHY3106 - Calculus-Based Physics III
PHY3106L - Calculus-Based Physics III Lab
PHY3107 - Calculus-Based Physics IV
PHY3220 - Intermediate Mechanics
PHY3424 - Optics
PHY3772C - Electronics
PHY3802L - Intermediate Physics Lab
PHY4323 - Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY4325 - Electricity and Magnetism II
PHY4445 - Lasers and Applications
PHY4513 - Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory
PHY4604 - Quantum Theory I
PHY4605 - Quantum Theory II
PHY4822L - Advanced Physics Lab
PHY4910 - Undergraduate Research

Catalog Information for Physics courses

PHZ3108L - Physics Skills
PHZ3151C - Introduction to Scientific Computing
PHZ4113 - Mathematical Physics I
PHZ4114 - Mathematical Physics II

Catalog information for PHZ courses