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Christina L. Bolte

  • Position: Collections Manager and Faculty Research Associate
  • Department: Archaeology Institute
  • Office Location: Building 89
  • Campus: 850.474.3394


Christina L. Bolte is the Collections Manager and a Faculty Research Associate within the UWF Archaeology Institute. Christina manages UWF’s archaeological material holdings under federal and state curation standards and best practices as well as conducting and facilitating collections-based research, exhibition, and education.

Christina is also a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) and has participated in archaeological investigations in Northwest Florida, Tennessee, Jamestown, Virginia, as well as the Auvergne region of France. Prior to coming to UWF, Christina was the Lab/Collections Manager at the ETSU Valleybrook Archaeological Education and Curation Center. She has engaged in documentary research, materials analysis, and excavations of the 1559-1561 Tristán de Luna settlement on Pensacola Bay since its discovery in 2015. Her thesis, “There They Went to Die, and Some Returned:” Mexica-Tenochca Indigenous Allies, Neutron Activation Analysis, and the 1559-1561 Luna Settlement Effort in Pensacola, Florida” focused on the indigenous participants from Mexico that accompanied the expedition.

Christina is a member of several historical and archaeological associations, including the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC), American Society for Ethnohistory (ASE), Pensacola Archaeological Society (PAS), and serves on the Council of the North American Society for Oceanic History (NASOH).

Christina’s research interests delve into various topics, including the late prehistory of the Southeastern U.S., Spanish contact and colonialism in the Americas, maritime archaeology and history, as well as artifact conservation, curation, and collections management.

Degrees & Institutions

Christina received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and a master’s degree in anthropology/historical archaeology from the University of West Florida (UWF).

Keywords: Historical Archaeology, Collections and curation, Spanish contact and colonialism, ethnohistory