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April Holmes

  • Position: Faculty Research Associate
  • Department: Archaeology Institute
  • Office Location: Building 89, Room 110
  • Campus: 850.474.2796


April Holmes is a Staff Archaeologist and Faculty Research Associate in the UWF Archaeology Institute. She is an active field and research archaeologist with administrative responsibilities. Holmes is a PI and Co-PI on multiple important archaeological projects in Historic Pensacola. Holmes teaches an undergraduate course in archaeological data analysis and mentors students in the field and analysis phase of their research undertakings.

Holmes is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) and a member of the Florida Archaeological Council (FAC). She serves on the Boards of non-professional organizations including the Florida Anthropological Society and the Pensacola Archaeological Society.

Holmes’ efforts have contributed to prestigious awards for the UWF Archaeology Institute, including the Florida Preservation Organizational Achievement from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation and the Daniel G. Roberts Award for Excellence in Public Archaeology from the Society for Historical Archaeology.

Degrees & Institutions

Holmes received a bachelor of arts and master of arts in Anthropology from the University of West Florida. Her graduate thesis was Demographic Patterns at Presidio Santa María de Galve and Isla de Santa Rosa (1698 — 1752): An Analysis of Historical Documents and Personal Adornment Artifacts Specialization: Historical Archaeology.