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Parliamentary Procedures

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order is a manual of parlimentary procedure which contains a set of rules and customs for the Student Government Association at the University of West Florida follows during all meetings and assemblies. The use of Robert's Rules of Order ensures a smooth process for all meetings in regards to all parts of parlimentary procedure including motions, debate, and voting.


A motion is a procedural ruling which assists a group in making decisions on the business on hand. Once a motion has been made by a Senator, it needs to be seconded by another Senator in order for it to move forward to discussion and voting.


Debate is a formal discussion which occurs in relation to the motion on the floor. A Senator may debate in favor of or against a motion. Each member gets two points of debate per question or motion. Be specific about your position on the topic and tell people how you want them to vote!


As a voting member of the Student Government Association, you have the power to vote on motions. There are three responses allowed when voting on a motion.

  • Yay/Yes, I support this motion
  • Nay/No, I do not support this motion
  • Abstain, I do not have the information I need or there is a conflict of interest

Point of Information and Inquiry

A Point of Information or Inquiry can be asked at any point during a formal meeting to ask a question or provide a statement. This information could be correcting information, gaining clarification on a topic, or asking a question to the speaker.