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Get Involved

The Student Government Association wants you to get involved at UWF. Represent your academic college as a senator for the Student Body Senate, join the UWF Freshman Committee, be a part of the SGA President’s Cabinet or serve as a Justice for SGA's judicial branch! Find out how membership in the UWF Student Government Association will benefit you as a student leader below.


Apply on Argo Pulse if you are interested in becoming a Senator.

Apply on Argo Pulse

Judicial Branch

Apply via Argo Pulse if you are interested in joining the Judicial Branch

Apply on Argo Pulse

Freshman Committee

If you are interested in becoming a 2024-25 Freshman Committee, applications open in August.

Benefits of Membership


Membership in SGA will help UWF students build strong communication skills.


UWF SGA members will build a network with university administrators, faculty, and staff.

Peer Connections

Build friendships with other UWF students through SGA membership.

Civic Engagement

SGA members will become active members of their campus, local, and state governments through civic engagement.

Public Speaking

Members will sharpen public speaking skills through speaking and presenting at meetings.