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Completing Your Exchange

Although we are sad to see you go, there are several things that you need to do before you leave UWF.

What Should I do Before I Leave Pensacola?

There are several things you need to do before you leave Pensacola. Completing these tasks ensures that you do not have to worry about doing them after you have returned home. 

1. Check out of housing if you are living on-campus. 

2. Check your UWF account balance and make sure that you do not owe any money to UWF. Something as small as a library fine can prevent us from sending your transcript. 

How do I get my Transcript?

International Student and Scholar Services automatically sends your transcript to your home institution once you have completed your exchange program. However, if you have a hold that prevent us from shipping your transcript, you will have to arrange transcript delivery yourself following the instructions at Ordering an Official UWF Transcript. Make sure you have cleared all holds before you leave Pensacola to prevent this. 

International Graduate students in the College of Business

Academic Training and Internships in the U.S.

Many exchange students are interested in adding some practical experience to their exchange program. This can be done through a program called Academic Training. Academic Training is a paid or unpaid practical training (employment, internship, practicum, etc.) directly related to your field of study. You can use Academic Training upon completion of the academic program. Academic Training can be authorized for a period that matches the length of your academic exchange program. For example, if you complete an exchange program at University of West Florida for one full academic year, you are eligible for up to 9 months of Academic Training upon completion of the exchange program. Academic Training requires the approval of International Student and Scholar Services, your home institution, and a sponsoring academic department at UWF. For more information on applying for Academic Training see Submitting a Request for Academic Training