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Student Code of Academic Conduct

This website is meant to provide you with the Student Code of Academic Conduct Regulation, a quick overview of the process and a step-by-step walkthrough.

Table outlining the Academic Code of Conduct Process
SRR Student Code of Academic Conduct

Student Code of Academic Conduct Process (text only)


Student Code of Academic Conduct

The University is dedicated to the highest principles and standards of academic integrity. An academic violation by a student can negatively impact a class, program and/or college in ways that are unique to each discipline. Therefore, the University believes that the severity of an academic infraction is best evaluated by the faculty of the institution. The University seeks to offer students an opportunity to respond to allegations of academic misconduct before a decision is rendered. This regulation seeks to provide faculty and students with a fair process for addressing allegations of academic misconduct.

Student Code of Academic Conduct Process

Incident Report 

A violation occurred under Regulation 3.030 Student Code of Academic Conduct, and an Academic Misconduct Incident Report was submitted to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR).

Notification of Charges

If sufficient information is provided, SRR will notify the charged student and charged party via email of the allegation and charges, the next steps, and an invitation to an Academic Misconduct Educational Conference (EC) scheduled by the charging party. 

Educational Conference

During the EC, the charged student will review the Academic Misconduct Educational Conference Form, learn their rights to the charges that are presented, describe the allegations, review the supporting information that led to charging the student and provide the student with an option to respond to the allegations. 

After the Educational Conference, the student will then receive 5 business days to choose the following resolutions: Accept responsibility or Deny responsibility

Accepting Responsibility Option 

The charged student waives their right to a hearing, accepts responsibility for the charge and accepts the proposed sanctions. If the charged student wishes to proceed with the Non-hearing Resolution, they must sign and return the Educational Conference Form and return it to the SRR within 10 business days.

Not Accepting Responsibility Option

If the student does not participate in the Educational Conference, complete the Academic Misconduct Educational Conference letter within the provided 5 business days after the Educational Conference or denies responsibility for the alleged charges. A hearing will be scheduled.

SRR will send a notification to the charged student and charging party within 10 business days before a hearing is to begin.

**The charged student has the right to appoint an Advisor, Student Advocate or witness, but they must notify SRR 3 business days before the Educational Conference or hearing.