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Career Development and Community Engagement (CDCE)

Our office is here to connect you with employers and to make job opportunities easy to find. We also provide a wide variety of in-person and virtual career-readiness resources.


Make an appointment with a career coach

Visit Handshake to see upcoming career events and opportunities

Participate in high-impact practices (HIPs) and experiential learning

Access comprehensive career planning and job search resources

Dive deeper into the skills and knowledge needed in your career planning journey

Learn how to work with CDCE by reviewing our CDCE Policies


A blue-green icon, containing an image of a certificate and ribbon and the title CAREER READY, representing the badge earned when completing the Argo2Pro: Career Readiness Program

Are you a new student?

All new UWF students must complete the UWF Career Readiness Module. Students who do not complete the module will not be able to register for classes.

For questions, please contact our office at or 850.474.2254.