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About Us

This page contains our Mission, Vision and Values and includes the Position Statement and Strategic Goals for the Office of Career Development and Community Engagement (CDCE).


Our mission is to empower UWF students and alumni to pursue transformational experiences that will foster confidence, growth, and resilience as they navigate the ever-changing job market. We are committed to equipping them with the resources, knowledge, and connections necessary to achieve professional success.

Position Statement

CDCE at the University of West Florida is the only dedicated team providing comprehensive support for students and alumni to explore and pursue a wide variety of career opportunities.

  • Caring: Treating students as individuals who matter; extending oneself in support or celebration of another
  • Collaboration: A sense of connectedness to the division and university through working with others for the common good; involving constituents and stakeholders in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Inclusion: Embracing and respecting all people and creating an environment where all students can live, learn, and lead meaningful lives
  • Integrity: Adherence to professional ethics and/or personal principles that makes one's behavior, character, and actions beyond reproach

Strategic Goals
  • Foster relationships that promote experiential learning and professional development for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Expand and facilitate access to quality career opportunities for UWF students and alumni.
  • Strive for excellence in the delivery of experiential learning, recruitment, and career development programs.
  • Ensure value-added programs and services that meet the unique needs of constituents through comprehensive collaboration.
  • Effectively use technology to improve delivery and management of experiential learning, recruitment, and career development programs.
  • Create a supportive team environment that encourages personal growth and professional development.