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Ryan, Stuart

Dr. Stu Ryan

  • Position: Professor and Program Coordinator for Curriculum and Assessment, Ed.D.
  • Department: School of Education
  • Office Location: Building 72, Room 241
  • Campus: 850.474.2597


Dr. Stu Ryan, professor, teaches methods courses in elementary and secondary physical education. He also serves as the program coordinator for the Curriculum and Assessment specialization in the Ed.D. program. 

Ryan’s research interests include teacher effectiveness, sound and acoustics in physical education settings and childhood obesity. 

His research during the past seven years has focused on investigating the effect background noise in a physical education setting has on student learning and performance. He conducted a study, “Acoustics in Physical Education Settings: The Learning Roadblocks,” published in Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy, that measured noise levels in 22 Florida public schools. He found that all of the settings were significantly higher than the standards set by the American National Standards Institute.  

Through this dedicated research, Ryan has developed recommendations to improving sound in physical education settings, such as using sound amplification devices, making acoustical modifications to existing buildings, and developing future construction strategies.

In addition to his research, he has given more than 40 presentations at international, national and regional conferences on various topics relating to physical education, such as creating physical activities that are inclusive, incorporating taekwondo instruction into middle school physical education classes and increasing teacher effectiveness.

Because of Ryan’s commitment to increasing physical activity in schools and promoting healthy lifestyles, he has been invited to make presentations at schools throughout Florida.  

He received a bachelor’s degree in physical education from University of South Carolina, master’s in health, physical education and recreation from Morehead State University, and doctorate in teacher education in physical education from Florida State University.