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Dr. Kathleen Heubach

  • Position: Associate Professor, Director
  • Department: School of Education
  • Office Location: Building 85, Room 184
  • Campus: 850.474.2858


Dr. Kathleen Heubach is Director of the Institute for Innovative Community Learning and an Associate Professor of Reading Education.

Heubach’s research has focused on ways to develop reading skills. She has examined fluency-oriented reading instruction, basal reading programs, school-wide reading reform, online preparation of highly skilled reading teachers, and strategies to help struggling readers. Journal of Literacy Research, The Elementary School Journal and other publications have published results of her research.

She is a member of the $5 Million Hall of Fame because she has helped generate more than $5 million in grants for UWF research and sponsored programs.

Heubach graduated from the University of Georgia with a Ph.D. in Reading Education in 1998 and was an Assistant Professor of Reading Education at Virginia Commonwealth University before joining the UWF faculty in 2002. Before pursuing her Ph.D., Heubach taught reading for several years in Escambia County and Clay County public schools.

Along with being an Associate Professor, Heubach directs UWF’s Institute for Innovative Community Learning. This organization supports community learning through partnerships and promotes student achievement, professional growth of educators, and parental involvement. The institute partners with parents, schools and other community organizations through projects that use innovative solutions for complex educational challenges.  She is currently leading collective impact efforts to provide supports for families and children in high poverty neighborhoods.

Keywords: reading skills development, basal reading programs, fluency-oriented reading instruction, highly skilled reading teachers, strategies to help struggling readers, school-wide reading reform, Institute for Innovative Community Learning