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Dr. Aneta Walker

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: School of Education
  • Office Location: Building 85, Room 174
  • Campus: 850.473.7277


Dr. Aneta Walker joined the University of West Florida faculty as an Assistant Professor in the School of Education. The focus of Dr. Walker’s research is related to implementing innovation and sustaining change in schools. An additional emphasis of research for Dr. Walker is investigating the relationships among building a capacity for change through leadership, establishing internal and external partnerships, and collaborative networks.

During her twenty-seven year tenure as a public school educator, she has had numerous educational experiences where she was able to develop and apply leadership skills, problem-solving strategies, creative thinking abilities, and long-range strategic planning. These experiences have encompassed the classroom level, school administration, and district level involvement. She was a sixth grade middle school teacher for seven years, an elementary school program specialist for two years, a district level educational specialist in the career technical department, middle school assistant principal for seven years, and ten years as an elementary school principal. 

Through Dr. Walker’s years of experience as a practitioner, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge in numerous areas such as curriculum development, instruction, and assessment, planning and organizing for instruction, monitoring program implementation, evaluating personnel and program effectiveness. She continues to be dedicated to having a positive impact in the field of education and improving leadership practices.

Dr. Walker has received several awards and honors. She was inducted into Auburn University’s Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society in 2016. In 2014, she was nominated for, and received, Auburn University Educational Foundations Leadership and Technology Department’s Dr. Sabo Award for Outstanding Graduate Student. Additionally, she was nominated as the Outstanding Graduate by Troy State University’s Educational Leadership Department in 1997. As a principal, she was honored by being selected to participate in Educational Leadership Center for the Wiregrass’s Premier Fellows Leadership Cohort from 2008 to 2012

Dr. Walker’s passion is educating and cultivating leaders! She strives to encourage and assist those she serves as teacher or professional colleague by promoting the desire to continue to learn and grow professionally in their practice.

Degrees & Institutions:

Dr. Walker received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Administration of Elementary and Secondary Schools from Auburn University. She gained her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership from Troy University. She holds an Educational Specialist degree in Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education from Auburn University.