Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer

Researchers in every college at UWF formulate ideas that command research grants and other funding. RAE monitors this research for potential patent and licensing opportunities, with the idea that a discovery made with funding this year can result in a licensable technology within 2-3 years. UWF technology transfer resources include external commercialization consultants, a patent attorney, and other researchers.

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The University of West Florida has signed its first international licensing agreement for faculty researcher Joseph Moss’ invention. This invention, called a spin concentrator, aids in detecting harmful, disease-producing organisms in water through a filter device and method of sampling.
UWF signs first international licensing agreement for faculty researcher Joseph Moss' invention called a spin concentrator.

RAE, in conjunction with the Intellectual Property (IP) Committee, handles the marketing, licensing and patenting of University technologies. The IP Committee works closely with RAE and faculty in the identification, protection and licensing of new inventions as contemplated by the University's Intellectual Property Policy and the UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Associate Vice President for Research recommends to the Provost members to serve on the IP Committee from time to time. Generally, members will include the AVP for Research, the Vice President for Business, Finance, and Facilities (as such division may be denominated), the Chief Information Officer, and a representative from the Office of General Counsel. The Associate Director for Research and Sponsored Programs and the Grants Specialist Supervisor serve as ex officio (non-voting) members and staff to the Committee. Additional members or consultants may be added at the discretion of the AVP of Research based upon expertise or special needs of the Committee.

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