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Research Hall of Fame

The Million Dollar Research Hall of Fame was established in 2006* to recognize researchers who have received $1 million in funding during their assignment at UWF. Their names are also permanently displayed on a plaque in the Research Administration and Engagement office.

UWF Research Hall of Fame
Year Researchers
2023 Mr. Greg Britton ($5 Million)
Dr. Eman El-Sheikh ($25 Million)
Mr. Kelly Massey ($5 Million)
Dr. Ashok Srinivasan
2022 Dr. Keri Fogle
Dr. Guillermo Francia
Nicole Gislason ($5 Million)
2020 Dr. Eman El-Sheikh ($5 Million)
Dr. Steven Kass
2019 Dr. Pamela Benz
Dr. Carla Thompson
Ms. Latonya Wesley
2018 Dr. Elizabeth Benchley
Dr. John Pecore
Mr. Peter Robinson
Dr. Matthew C. Schwartz
Dr. Debra Vinci
2017 Dr. Eman El-Sheikh
Dr. Patricia Wentz
2016 Mr. Kelly Brent Massey
Dr. Karen Molek
2015 Dr. Richard Harper ($25 Million)
Dr. Glenn Rohrer ($5 Million)
2013 Dr. Brice Harris ($5 Million)
Mr. Michael Myhre ($5 Million)
2012 Dr. James R. Barnett
Mrs. Anita N. Gislason
Dr. Christopher J. Lewis
2011 Dr. Richard Harper ($5 Million)
2010 Dr. Albert Canas ($5 Million)
Mr. Jerry G. Cartwright ($5 Million)
Dr. Kenneth Ford ($5 Million)
Dr. Kathleen M. Heubach ($5 Million)
Dr. Robert Hoffman ($5 Million)
Dr. Daniel Kaczynski ($5 Million)
Dr. Ranga Rao Krothapalli ($5 Million)
Dr. Joe E. Lepo ($5 Million)
Dr. Janet Pilcher ($5 Million)
Dr. Glenn E. Rohrer
2009 Dr. Jane M. Caffrey
Dr. Philip C. Darby
Dr. Fernaundra L. Ferguson
Dr. Richard S. Podemski
2008 Mr. Joseph Vincenza
2007 Dr. Kathleen M. Heubach
Dr. William F. Patterson III
Ms. Lakshmi Prayaga
Mr. Larry Alan Strain
2006 Dr. James Allen
Dr. Frank Andrasik
Dr. Bonnie Bedics
Dr. Charles R. Bennett
Dr. Judith Bense
Dr. Steve Bortone
Dr. Jeffrey Bradshaw
Dr. Alberto Canas
Dr. Jerry Cartwright ($25 Million)
Dr. Christine Cavanaugh
Dr. William Clancey
Mr. Patrick Crawford
Dr. Theodore Elbert
Dr. Ken Ford
Dr. Brian C. Gilmore, Jr.
Dr. Clark Glymour
Dr. William H. Griffin
Dr. Robert Hansen
Dr. Richard Harper
Dr. Patrick Hayes
Mr. Greg Higgins
Dr. Robert Hoffman
Dr. Wally Holmes-Bouchillon
Dr. Wade Jeffrey
Mr. John Jeffries
Dr. Daniel Kaczynski
Dr. Ranga Rao Krothapalli
Dr. Joe Lepo
Dr. Robert Markowitz
Ms. Angela McCorvey
Dr. Gerald Moshiri
Dr. Pamela Northrup
Ms. Gina O’Neill
Dr. Thomas K. Perry
Dr. Janet Pilcher
Dr. John Platt
Dr. Jerry Pratt
Dr. Billy Rader
Ms. Barbara Rasheed
Dr. Karen Rasmussen
Dr. Malcolm Shields
Dr. Richard Snyder
Dr. George H. Stopp, Jr.
Mr. Niranjan Suri
Dr. C.E. Wynn Teasley
Dr. Frank Wittwer

*2006 is the inaugural year of the UWF Research Hall of Fame. Please see the First Forty Years of Research Administration & Engagement brochure that gives homage to those who in the University of West Florida’s first forty years who obtained over a million dollars in external funding for their programs or research.