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International Collaborations and Activities

Research security is essential to protecting the research that is conducted by faculty and students at the University West Florida.

There are various processes and procedures which have been established to promote research security. In accordance with Florida Statutes, §1010.35 and §1010.36 Fla. Stat. (2021), the University of West Florida has created the Research Integrity Office (RIO). Florida law requires scrutiny of international research collaborations, employment related international travel and international employment in research and in research-related support positions. The RIO functions to support those who engage in international research by assisting them to navigate the current regulatory requirements.

Whether international collaborations are a result of a newly hired international researcher, professor or student research assistant, or by invitation, as is the case with a visiting scholar, all potential international candidates must be screened as outlined in the statute. RIO has become part of a process that includes HR and in some cases International Affairs. (For more information regarding hosting an international scholar at UWF, see Requesting a Departmental J-1 Exchange Visitor.)

Florida statutes also require that RIO take part in a review process of employee travel activities abroad. The screening is designed to protect the UWF traveler, and secure the University from cyber attacks and/or research security threats. The requirements for UWF travel apply to all employment related travel, including employment travel outside of the academic year. (See Employee Travel Guidance for further details.)

Should you have additional questions please contact the Research Integrity Office via or by submitting the International Travel General Inquiry ticket.