Staff Senators

904 staff members are represented by 23 staff senators at the University of West Florida. These Staff Senate members are the official representatives for the University of West Florida Staff. Election terms follow the fiscal calendar year with new elections being held in June of each year.

Who's My Staff Representative?

By Building/Location

Building/Location: Staff Representative(s)
04:   Vacant
08:   Kollar, Eric
10:   Bell, Bonnie and Raffo, Fiorella
11:   Bell, Bonnie and Raffo, Fiorella
12:   Anderson, Christina
13:   Bell, Bonnie and Raffo, Fiorella
18:   Roberts, Kendra
19:   West, Keaton
20E: Warren, Josie
20W: Talbert, Cynthia
21:   West, Keaton
22:   Puckett, Melissa
32:   Vacant
36:   Taylor, Genia
37:   Taylor, Genia
38:   Taylor, Genia
40:   Boyett, April
41:   Cochran, Michael
46:   Boyett, April
48:   Pinkard, Jacqueline
50:   Cochran, Michael
52:   Blackmarr, Devin
53:   Blackmarr, Devin
54:   Marg, Jake
58:   Cochran, Michael
58A: Cochran, Michael
70:   Kollar, Eric
71:   Hancock, Rebecca
72:   Marg, Jake
73:   Marg, Jake
75:   Blackmarr, Devin
76:   Blackmarr, Devin
76A: Blackmarr, Devin
77:   Crawford, Megan
78:   Crawford, Megan
79:   Pinkard, Jacqueline
81:   Hancock, Rebecca
82:   Crawford, Megan
83:   Cochran, Michael
85:   Hancock, Rebecca
86:   Hancock, Rebecca
88:   Pinkard, Jacqueline
89:   Pinkard, Jacqueline
90:   Carlson, Frankie
91:   Carlson, Frankie
92:   King, Larry
93:   Carlson, Frankie
94:   Carlson, Frankie
95:   King, Larry
99:   Hancock, Rebecca
930: Cochran, Michael
960: Brewer, Sandy
Downtown Campus (FPAN, HAAS, WFHP): Campbell, Casey
Emerald Coast Campus:
 Cluff, Deborah
Florida Virtual Campus (Gainsville):   Mydock, Pamela
Florida Virtual Campus (Tallahassee):   Parson, Kendra
Innovation Institute: Genovese, Geri


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