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Do you ever wonder where the money comes from for the Staff Senate Emergency Fund or the funds that are awarded to our Staff Employees who receive the Staff Senate Textbook Scholarships?

It doesn't come from the government nor does it come from the state. It comes from YOU, our wonderful Staff Employees at UWF!

Recently, we were able to distribute checks to some of our employees who needed financial assistance due to the April 30th flood. The Staff Senate Emergency Fund allowed us to assist our fellow employees who met the criteria with no repayment required. We provided money as quickly as we could, and helped as much as we could with the funds we had. Looking towards the future, we will need to replenish our coffers to have the continued ability to help expeditiously when needed.

The Staff Senate also awards Textbook Scholarships each semester. These scholarships go to full-time UWF Staff Employees to help further their education by providing the means for purchasing textbooks. Through Spring 2014 semester, we have awarded 22 scholarships to help our Staff Scholars.

So how do we get these funds? That's easy - through the financial support of people like you! As a UWF Staff Employee, we know you support your co-workers in your everyday duties in your workplace. Would you please help us further our efforts with a payroll deduction to one or both of these funds? With your donation, you will help to pay rent or a utility bill, or buy food in time of need. Or you may help to finance those expensive textbooks for other employees who are pursuing a university degree.

You can contribute via payroll deduction for either of these funds by going to the links below. Please contact your Staff Senator e-mail us at for more information.

Pay Roll Deduction Form (PDF)

Textbook Scholarship Payroll Deduction Form

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