Emp Staff Gallery: Photo Item

The Staff Photo Item content type combined with the Staff Photo Gallery Placeholder will organize faculty/staff information in a clear, concise manner.

Important Information

This features a portrait and styled contact information.

Related Content Types:

At a Glance

Requires Placeholder Yes
Placement Almost anywhere
Special Setup None
Image Sizes

Portrait Preferred:


Resolution: 72*

*This is absolutely essential! Using print quality images (300+) will cause your page to load slowly or not at all.

Staff Photo Item contains the following elements:

This content type requires the following element(s) to work properly:

  • Staff Photo Gallery Placeholder
  • Multiple instances of the Staff Photo Item content type

The Staff Photo Item content type is not visible on a page unless there is an appropriate placeholder present. The location of this placeholder in the content hierarchy determines where on the page the listings will begin to show up.

The Staff Photo Gallery Placeholder only contains one real element:

  • Optional Headline: This places a headline at the start of the 'container' (placeholder) of directory listing items.

Emp Staff Gallery: Photo Item: Live Example