CMS Guide

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CMS Guide

This site serves as a resource for our build of the TERMINALFOUR Content Management System. It contains a collection of our currently available content types, examples of pages, as well as valuable tips and tricks.

In This Update

The CMS Guide (previously CTGuide) has been revamped to include a lot of the newer content types and updates that have been made to the originals. As always, please contact Web Services if you have any questions or trouble finding anything!


  • Content Types: This area has been changed the most. Here you will find examples of all the currently available content types.
  • Example Pages: Shows how creative some have gotten and to also show the approved layout for certain types of pages (such as an Academic Program Page).
  • Tips & Tricks: Find information on the current publish and transfer times as well as instructions for some advanced techniques in the CMS.
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