Video: YouTube or Vimeo

The Video content type embeds a YouTube or Vimeo video on your website in different ways.

Important Information

This new content type supports both YouTube and Vimeo URLs and should work regardless of what URL (from the address bar, or the 'share' one) is put in. Videos should always show in preview, but there are things that can go wrong beyond the URL input. If you find your video is not displaying properly, make sure permissions allow for this through the hosting service. As always, contact Web Support with any questions!

At a Glance

Requires Placeholder No
Placement Any Section
Special Setup None
Image Sizes  N/A
Video: YouTube or Vimeo contains the following elements:
  • Name - Used in Sitemanager only. This does NOT show up on your webpage.
  • Video URL - Place your full YouTube or Vimeo URL in this field.
  • Video Float - Moves your video to the left or right of your text.
  • Description - This field acts as accessible alternative text.
  • Text Block - Optional descriptive text or video context can go in this field.
  • Style - Choose between 'Full Video', 'Promo Box', and 'Video with Text'.

Video (YouTube | Promo Box/Full Video): Example

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Video (Vimeo | Video with Text): Example

Brownie cupcake macaroon lemon drops biscuit danish apple pie. Marzipan muffin cheesecake icing marzipan toffee topping. Marshmallow toffee marzipan pudding topping tootsie roll. Jelly sesame snaps apple pie. Jelly-o cake brownie cupcake. Jujubes pudding wafer. Halvah pie bonbon pudding liquorice croissant. Cake topping tart toffee bear claw gummi bears wafer. Lemon drops powder chupa chups croissant liquorice cookie halvah sesame snaps tiramisu. Tootsie roll toffee gummies sugar plum. Jelly beans caramels halvah jujubes liquorice. Cheesecake carrot cake bear claw marzipan bear claw cake tiramisu.

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A unique feature that many content types (including this one) will begin to have are unique error messages. If a content type is used against how it's designed, an error message should now display on the page to explain what could have gone wrong and how to get help. In this case, it triggers if you put in a wrong URL. If this happens, the page will display the error shown below:

An error was encountered while parsing your video link. Please ensure that you copied the full YouTube or Vimeo URL. If you continue to have issues, contact Web Support.

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