Logo Signature File Types

When downloading UWF logo signature files, multiple file formats of each signature will be included. Each format has features and limitations that make them suited to specific uses or distribution channels. The following definitions briefly describe the basic differences between each format and their appropriate uses.

Vector Files (.eps)

Use: Printing (flyers, brochures, banners, promotional items)

A vector image is created using mathematical descriptions of points, lines, and curves. Vectors can be scaled to any size without loss of clarity. Vector file formats are used in graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator. Vector files are the best format to use when professionally printing materials.

Raster Files (.png) 

Use: Electronic Distribution, Limited Printing (web pages, newsletters, Powerpoint presentations, Word templates)

A raster image is made up of small, individual colored squares called pixels. When enlarged, raster files can become blurry or “pixelated.” Be sure to use properly sized raster files rather than scaling images that are too big or small. The backgrounds of .png versions of the UWF logo signatures are transparent.

PDF Files (.pdf)

Use: Printing, Downloads, Attachments

Adobe’s PDF file format is the best of both worlds—good for both digital sharing and print distribution. PDFs may contain raster images, vector images or a combination of both. They work well for downloadable files as they can be opened with most modern web browsers and PDF readers on many different devices. The PDF versions of the UWF logos and signatures contain vector graphics that can be used by professional printers.