Named College Signature Logos

Named academic colleges present the opportunity to elevate the University’s official logo signature system by allowing the donor’s name to be emphasized. For colleges that have received contributions that allow naming by a donor or benefactor, the University has developed a consistent hierarchy that features a slight wordmark adjustment for the donor-named element.

Currently, this treatment only applies to the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering and the Usha Kundu, MD College of Health. Other University entities must follow the standards for the official logo signature system. Use of the signatures for the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering and the Usha Kundu, MD College of Health is limited to those two colleges and Institutional Communications.

The named college signatures are comprised of two visual elements:

  • The first element is either the UWF primary logo or the UWF lettermark. The primary logo is preferred in most instances. However, for instances where spatial restrictions would cause the UWF logo to be displayed smaller than one inch, the lettermark version of the signature may be used.
  • The second element is the unit name, known as the wordmark, with visual emphasis on the donor name. For academic departments that fall under the umbrella of a college or school, the second element may include the umbrella unit in a tertiary role.

Primary Logo Signature


Primary Logo Signature with Department


Lettermark Signature with Department


To provide further distinction, two unique layouts, specific only to named colleges, are also permitted. While the primary logo of the institution is still included, the Hal Marcus name appears conspicuously at the top of the marks and visually shows the relationship between the two.

Named-College Identity, Unique Layouts


Named college signatures must adhere to the same standards as outlined for the University’s official logo signatures. For questions, please email