Development of Logos

In the past, the institution’s brand has suffered from decentralization. The look, feel and messaging throughout UWF communication has varied from department to department, resulting in confusion and a lack of resonance and engagement among our key audiences — current and prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and community members, among others.

While our brand is not limited to our logo, it’s important for all communications to reflect a consistent look and feel. To maintain that consistency, the creation of unique logos and marks that represent the University are not permitted. When individual marks are developed, the overall brand is diluted as the symbols compete with one another and create confusion. Limited exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis in specific, unique circumstances.

All requests for an exception must be directed to the Executive Director of Institutional Communications. The Executive Director will review the request and work with the appropriate University vice president for potential approval. In cases when permission is granted, Institutional Communications is responsible for the oversight of all new logos or marks, whether executed in-house or through a vendor, to ensure compliance with the institutional brand.