Logo Signature System

The University’s official logo signature system supports the institutional identity while allowing individual unit recognition. Created for divisions, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers and select campus units, the logo signature is a simple, readable device that identifies these areas as integral parts of the University.

The logo signature system includes four unique configurations, providing flexibility of use while maintaining institutional and unit recognition.

  • The primary vertical logo signature includes the Nautilus Shell, unit name and the text “University of West Florida.”The primary horizontal logo signature includes the Nautilus Shell, unit name and the text “University of West Florida.”
  • The secondary logo signature includes the vertical lettermark and the unit name. This configuration is recommended when spatial restrictions require displaying the logo at small sizes.
  • The embroidery logo signature includes the horizontal lettermark and the unit name. This configuration uses larger, bolder elements and is restricted for use on embroidered items.

Primary Vertical Logo Signature


Primary Horizontal Logo Signature


Secondary Logo Signature


Embroidery Logo Signature


Unit marketing materials must use their respective unit logo signature. The standards for use are as follows:

  • The UWF logo signatures should never be recreated, modified or emulated and alterations are prohibited. This includes all elements and their proportions. The addition of taglines, icons or graphic elements is also prohibited. Please refer to improper usage for more details.
  • The UWF logo signatures may only be portrayed in two-color or one-color versions as follows.
    • The two-color version uses UWF Blue for the text, the horizontal or vertical rule and the bottom portion of the nautilus shell. The shell’s sun rays are in Nautilus Blue. This is the primary color configuration to be used whenever possible.
    • The one-color version may only be used in UWF Blue, black and white. UWF Blue should be used whenever possible.
  • The UWF logo signatures may not be used as a background for text or graphics and must be surrounded by an official clear area. Do not place text over the logo or add elements from the logo to other graphics or illustrations.
  • The UWF logo signatures are scalable. The primary vertical and the primary horizontal logo signatures should not be scaled with the text "University of West Florida" smaller than 1.5 inches in width. The secondary logo signature should not scale the vertical lettermark smaller than 0.5 inches. The embroidery logo signature should not scale the horizontal lettermark smaller than 0.25 inches. Proportions may not be altered.

UWF logo signatures should be used on unit marketing materials and internal documents. Usage examples include:

  • Printed materials, including but not limited to posters, flyers, invitations, brochures, presentations, publications, banners, event collateral and booklets.
  • Promotional materials, including but not limited to pens, cups, tablecloths, t-shirts/apparel and notepads.
  • Digital marketing materials, including but not limited to graphic headers, e-vites, e-newsletters and social media.

UWF logo signatures are not to be used on official UWF stationery or on any marketing materials created with the intent to brand and/or market the overall University. Logo signatures are also not to be used anywhere on uwf.edu, as all pages use the institutional logo in the header and footer and departments are identified using department home page titles. For questions regarding where to use the UWF logo signatures, email brand@uwf.edu.

University Signatures

Institutional Communications builds and provides logo signatures for official University divisions, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers and select campus units. A library of UWF logo signatures is located below in a variety of file formats. If your area is not represented and you believe it should be, email brand@uwf.edu to request the creation of an official logo signature for your area.

These logos must be used in accordance with the standards outlined above. Please review and understand these standards before downloading any files. For information about the file formats, please review our Explanation of File Types.

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