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Consortium/Transient Agreements

A consortium/transient agreement enables you to receive financial aid while enrolled at UWF (home institution) and another institution (host institution).

Having a consortium/transient agreement allows your eligibility for certain financial aid to be based on the total number of credit hours attempted at both institutions for a semester.

If you would like to take courses at a different Florida institution, you will want to complete a consortium/transient application through the FloridaShines website. You should also contact your academic advisor at UWF before completing the application.
In terms of financial aid, the only financial aid eligible through the consortium/transient process would be the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans, and Bright Futures. Institutional and state aid (Academic Excellence, Florida Student Assistance Grant, etc.) cannot be used towards transient courses. Courses taken at a different school must be degree applicable to your degree at UWF. Electives and/or courses outside of your degree plan would not be eligible for financial aid. Students must also be enrolled in at least one course at UWF during term of requested consortium agreement.
Students must be enrolled at UWF in at least 3 credit hours for the semester in which the consortium/transient application is applicable, and students are responsible for paying the tuition and fees in advance at the host institution by their fee payment guidelines. UWF will not send payments to other schools and will only update enrollment hours once the host school has confirmed enrollment/attendance.