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Commencement Registration - Students

The UWF Spring Commencement will be held in person on May 7, 2022, at the Pensacola Bay Center in downtown Pensacola. Students who wish to participate must RSVP by April 15 - an extended deadline.

RSVP for Commencement by April 15, 2022

This date was extended from April 8th. 

students showing happiness at commencement

RSVP for Live Ceremony

Ceremony participants should arrive at the Pensacola Bay Center 45 minutes in advance to be pre-seated. Students who wish to participate in the spring commencement ceremony in person can

RSVP for the Live Ceremony

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RSVP for Virtual Participation

Virtual participants will have a slide shown during their respective ceremony. The sample shown is of a slide with the 2-picture limit. You can choose not to submit photos. Students who wish to participate remotely can

RSVP for Virtual Participation