Some of our feral cats have been socialized and are ready for adoption

Want to adopt?

We have had great success with the UWF Campus Cat Program and limited the number of kittens born on campus. If young kittens are born or found on campus we try to trap them at about 8 weeks old with the goal of finding them a loving home. All kittens adopted out are fully vetted (if/when possible). Each kitten may spend several days or weeks in a foster home. Our foster families spend hours each day with the kitten(s) to socialize them and learn personalities so we are able to match them up with the best furever family. When we feel they are ready to go to loving homes we post them in @uwf newsletter. If you are willing to open your home up to an awesome kitty please contact Nicole McDonald or Karen Smith

Furbabies available for adoption

Noel - Noel is our newest UWF Campus Cat ready for adoption. She is approximately two years old. Noel is very curious and independent. She enjoys people of all ages and meeting new people. She will do well in a family with a friendly dog. She has an alpha personality and is not recommended for a family with other cats. She has been spayed, has had her vaccinations, and is litterbox trained. Please contact Karen Smith at UWF Campus Cat program requires an adopter to keep the cats strictly indoors. 





Updated: March 5, 2020