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Fire Drill Instructions

A summary of actions that must be taken when a building fire alarm sounds is as follows:

  • Fire drills will be conducted this semester during normal business hours.
  • All building occupants including classes must immediately exit the building. NEVER assume it is a false alarm.
  • Immediately walk to the nearest exit.
  • Close but do not lock doors.
  • If a door handle is warm to the touch, open cautiously. If a door handle is hot, DO NOT open the door.
  • When smoke is present, crawl low to the floor to minimize smoke exposure.
  • If your egress is blocked by smoke or fire, go to the window and summon help.
  • Building occupants should move away from the building to a pre-established rally location. The rally point must be out of the street and must not hamper access to the buildings by emergency responders.
  • Attempt to verify that all occupants are out of the building.
  • Instructors should verify all class participants exit the classroom.
  • In the event some building occupants are trapped in the building, report their location to the firefighters.
  • Do not enter the building until authorized by the fire department, UWF Police or EH&S staff.
  • If a person with impairments needs assistance exiting the building, either lend assistance or move the person into a protected stairwell. Inform the UWF police or Fire Department of the location of the person so a rescue can be conducted immediately.