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Cart Safety

University Policy ES-08.01-08/15 specifies safety and risk management policies and procedures related to golf carts and other motorized carts.

Six people riding a golf cart.

University departments and units should only acquire golf carts and other motorized carts when there is sufficient business need to justify the acquisition. All University owned golf carts and other motorized carts must be registered with Parking and Transportation Services. Each cart should be marked with a prominent cart identification number.

All such vehicles should be appropriately maintained to ensure maximum service life and safety. All mechanical and safety features and equipment must be maintained in good working order. The following safety equipment is required for daytime operation: rear view mirror, brake lights, turn signals, red reflectorized warning devices front and rear, parking brake, and key ignition or power shutoff. Vehicles designated for use from sunset to sunrise must also be specified to include: windshield, headlights, and tail lights.

Golf carts and other motorized carts are to be used only for official University business. It is the responsibility of the department head authorizing the use of the vehicle to determine that such use is official business.

University golf carts and other motorized carts may only be operated by an authorized driver. Properly authorized drivers are responsible for operating these vehicles in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and must possess a valid driver’s license. Any person who is required to operate a University golf cart and other motorized carts as part of his or her job responsibilities must notify their supervisor immediately if his or her license has expired or been suspended or revoked.

Occupancy is limited to the number of available seats and all passengers must be seating during operation of golf carts and other motorized carts. Hand operated cell phone, smart phone, or similar electronic device use (including but not limited to email, web browsing, and texting) is not allowed while operating a University vehicle. Use of earphones, earbuds, or similar is prohibited while operating golf carts and other motorized carts. Additionally, use of tobacco products in any form is not permitted in University vehicles.

Golf carts and other motorized carts are authorized for off-street use on University grounds and sidewalks and on-street operation on campus roadways only. Operators must park golf carts and other motorized carts away from heavily traveled pedestrian areas or in designated cart parking locations.

Operators must yield to pedestrians. Operators are not to block the path nor limit pedestrian access on walkways unless actively engaged in loading or unloading. If necessary, carts should be properly parked once loading or unloading is complete. Golf carts and other motorized carts operated on-street must abide by standard traffic regulations.

Operators must be trained on the proper procedures to follow in the event of an accident. In addition, the UWF Risk Manager must be notified of any accident. An accident report form must be completed and submitted as soon as possible.

University owned golf carts and other motorized carts are not insured for collision damage by the state automobile policy. These are insured for liability only (damage to persons and property). Personal items inside the vehicle, attached to, or towed by, the vehicle are not insured. University departments or organizations using a University golf cart or other motorized cart shall bear all financial responsibility for damages, repairs, or replacement of a vehicle damaged during such use if the damage is determined not to be the responsibility of another party.

Privately owned golf carts and other motorized carts are prohibited from operating on University property except as a properly authorized ADA accommodation or when part of a contractual arrangement with the University. All such authorized vehicles must comply with this policy.

This policy governs the University Community, specifically University staff operating golf carts and other motorized carts.

Golf cart.

Definition of Terms

Authorized drivers – A trustee, officer, employee, agent, contractor, or approved volunteer authorized by the University to drive a University vehicle. Use of the vehicle must be in course and scope of assigned duties, providing direct benefit to the University.

Golf cart – A motor vehicle (gas or electric) that is designed and manufactured for recreational or work purposes that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour.

Utility vehicle - A motor vehicle designed and manufactured for general maintenance, security, and landscaping purposes, but does not include any vehicle designed or used primarily for the transportation of persons or property on a street or highway.

University Policy ES-08.01-08/15 Golf Cart and Other Motorized Cart Safety and Risk Management