Dr. James Mann


Dr. James Mann earned his Ph.D. from Purdue University. Before joining UWF, Dr. Mann has held several industry leadership roles in the aerospace, automotive, and contract manufacturing sectors. His background includes engineering and operations management in precision machining, solid rocket motor design, manufacturing and assembly, aircraft assembly and maintenance, fuel systems manufacturing and assembly, and diesel engine manufacturing.

James has authored more than 30 journal and trade publications and co-authored six issued patents related to machining and materials processing technology. He pioneered M4 Sciences’ first TriboMAM drilling system for CNC machines, enabling the implementation of the technology. He is a certified Six-Sigma Black Belt in quality management, and recipient of a number of achievement and presentation awards, including 21st Annual Burton D. Morgan Business Plan competition (2007) and the R&D 100 Award (2010) for technology development of the TriboMAM system. In 2011, he was recognized by the Tibbetts award from the US Small Business Administration for excellence in technology development and commercialization in the National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR programs.

Degrees & Institutions:

Ph.D., Purdue University 
M.B.A.F., Indiana University
M.S.E, Purdue University
B.S., Purdue University


Dr. Mann's research and teaching interests; Materials processing, Manufacturing, Structures, Mechanics of Materials, Tribology, Deformation Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Product Design, Finite Element Analysis, Metrology, Entrepreneurship in Engineering. Dr. Mann's goal is to build a premier engineering research program that can lead the way in advanced manufacturing. The objectives of his plan include 1) leverage physics, science, and engineering to discover and innovate, 2) developing and implementing analytical and experimental methods that can test new hypotheses, 3) cultivating partnerships that identify industry challenges and applications, 4) creating intellectual property and 5) pursuing commercial implementation of academic research.

Current Courses:

  • EML4321 (Manufacturing Processes)
  • EGS 1006 (Introduction to Engineering)
  • EGN3913L (Junior Engineering Design I)
  • EGN3914L (Junior Engineering Design II)

Classes Taught:

    • EML4321 (Manufacturing Processes)
    • EGN3913L (Junior Engineering Design I)
    • EGN3914L (Junior Engineering Design II)

Special Interests:

Materials Processing, Manufacturing, Structural Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Tribology, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Design, Product Design, Metrology, Entrepreneurship in Engineering


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Keywords: materials processing, advanced manufacturing, next-generation manufacturing, materials processes, advanced structural materials, mechanics of materials, tribology of material systems, system models, product design, development, and metrology, leverage physics, science, engineering, discover, innovate, developing, implementing analytical, experimental methods, test new hypotheses, cultivating partnerships, identify industry challenges, applications, creating intellectual property, pursuing commercial implementation, academic research