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Institute for Analytics and Industry Advancement

The Institute for Analytics and Industry Advancement at the University of West Florida strives to train the next generation of industry pioneers and to develop innovative technologies through predictive analytics and modeling.

Analytics. Education. Engagement.

Through industry partnerships, certificate degree programs, industry certifications, and an industry mentoring program, we are training the next generation of workers in the skills needed to perform the jobs of the future.

The institute houses the UWF Predictive Analytics and Modeling (PAM) Lab, which specializes in developing easy-to-understand analytics for decision-making and data predictions. The institute also houses the Data Science Certificate Program and several industry certificate courses, in addition to the Industry Mentoring program.

Predictive Analytics and Modeling (PAM) Lab

The PAM Lab uses institutional data and data warehouses with predictive modeling and data visualization capabilities to develop analytics for decision-making and data predictions. PAM Lab services are applicable to all companies that collect data.

Predictive Analytics and Modeling Lab

Data Science Certificate Program

Working with data represents one of the most attractive skill sets in business. Whether you’re an engineer, investor, researcher, mathematician, or business professional looking to enter into or advance your career in data, this online program can meet your goals.

Data Science Graduate Certificate

Industry Certification Courses

Prepare for the workforce with our online certification courses that count for elective credit (3-credit-hours) and culminate in industry-approved and recognized certificates. Click below to see what options are available at this time. 

Industry Certifications

Mentor looking over student shoulder who is working on a computer
Sharing experience, knowledge, and skills to enhance the abilities of UWF students for the workforce.

Industry Mentoring Program

Promoting the success of traditionally underrepresented groups within the fields of science and engineering by integrating a mentoring relationship as part of the pathway to career readiness and advancement as they complete their degree. Get involved in our Industry Mentoring Program.

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Pensacola Maker Faire

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