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Health Science Essentials of Behavior Analysis (HSC 3102)

Work in the field of Behavioral Health while earning your degree! Enroll in HSC 3102, an introductory course meeting the curriculum requirements to become a Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT).

Students passing the ABAT exam are qualified to work in the field of behavioral health while earning their degree.

About QABA’s ABAT Certification

The ABAT exam is designed for an entry level interventionist. The ABAT implements daily instruction and behavior intervention plans as designed by a master’s level or above professional who is licensed or certified within the scope of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Eligibility standards and passing the exam determine if candidates demonstrate minimal competence as an entry-level paraprofessional to protect the safety and welfare of the public.

The ABAT credential holder must complete approved coursework and meet the required hours of supervised fieldwork. ABATs have a foundational knowledge of ABA and ASD. With supervision and peer support, they provide individualized intervention for each client.

Course Highlights

  • Online course open to degree and non-degree seeking students.
  • Meets the 40-hours of approved assessment-based ABA coursework requirement for the Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT) examination.
  • First course in the 6 course sequence necessary to become a Qualified Autism Service Practitioner-Supervisor (QASP-S), along with a BA degree and requisite experience.

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