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Explore the Economy

The UWF Haas Center conducts market research for both clients and the community at large. The center maintains up-to-date data on tourism, employment and much more. The Haas Center also conducts economic impact analysis and survey research for private businesses, government sectors and non-profits.

Data Visualizations

Digesting large amounts of data is a difficult task for even seasoned analysts. Visualizing data assists leaders in looking at trends to make decisions. The Haas Center utilizes various applications such as Tableau, Adobe suite and other programs to make stunning visualizations. Take a look at some of our examples below! 

Survey Research

The Haas Center also conducts survey research to analyze different trends in given populations. For instance, the Haas Center conducts an annual City Satisfaction Survey for the City of Pensacola that measures the performance of different city services such as the Fire and Sanitation Departments and other crucial factors that go into maintaining Pensacola. 

Here is a sample survey report:  Resident Satisfaction Survey 2020

Tableau Examples

Tableau is a program that creates interactive graphs that allow users to actively manipulate and highlight their view. The Haas Center can create and embed these graphics on websites, or create them as static images to go into reports. See our interactive graphics in action as they help explain different trends in our region's tourism indicators