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The Haas Center

The Haas Center is the premier source for data services, industrial innovation, and workforce development support in Northwest Florida. We serve industry, government, non-profits, and academia in Northwest Florida.

We offer expert services in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of evidence-based intelligence products and services. Our data services are designed to inform strategic decision-making processes, enhance operational effectiveness, and improve tactical performance.

To support workforce development and industrial innovation, the Haas Center develops and manages projects that benefit non-traditional students, workers employed in industry, and business professionals. We serve career-changers seeking education pathways, as well as manufacturing, financial and technical employers seeking quality improvement and leadership programs for their workforce.

Our services and tools are tailored to the individual needs of each client, recognizing that their research questions, goals and problems are unique and multi-dimensional.


The Haas Center was founded in 1994 as the Center for Business Research and Economic Development (CBRED), originally a unit of UWF’s College of Business. It was originally funded by private sector partners - Gulf Power and the Pensacola Area Chamber of Commerce - and received support from the University of West Florida.

In 1996, Raymond M. Haas, a Pensacola philanthropist and community leader, pledged a quarter of a million dollars to the Haas Center to help it expand its capacity. Since that time, we have been known as the Haas Center.

During our nearly 25-year history, the Haas Center has expanded its outreach beyond the region with many statewide projects, national firms and federal agencies. As such, our organization is known as the “go-to” resource for applied research and expert insight. Our evolution means that our focus and expertise has largely shifted away from basic economic forecasting and indicators, and grown toward research into market surveying, impact analysis, policy research, data analytics, and thought leadership.


Please consider investing in community research by donating to the Haas Center's foundation account. Choose "Haas Center" under the 'Select the Designation' drop-down menu.



Haas Center 25th Anniversary Retrospective

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