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Achieve Escambia/Achieve Healthy EscaRosa

Our community’s hospitals and health systems, health departments, education and non-profit partners are aligning our work through this collective impact effort. Regional partners are deeply committed to improving the health and well-being of our community. Our efforts in 2021 focused on the development of two key tools for our community that we invite you to use to inform and guide your work: the launch of the Achieve Dashboard and the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Achieve Dashboard

The Achieve Dashboard is a collaborative effort of Achieve Escambia, Achieve Healthy EscaRosa, and the Haas Center at the University at West Florida. The dashboard is a free, easy-to-use tool that will allow users to understand how key factors result in quality-of-life for individuals and the community.

2022 Escambia - Santa Rosa Community Health Needs Assessment Report

Every three years, Escambia and Santa Rosa County health organizations, nonprofits, university, and health departments work together on a two-step process to understand and respond to problems within our community. As one of these partners, the Haas Center conducted the data analysis for the CHNA Community Resident survey, which was the primary data source for the  2022 Escambia - Santa Rosa Community Health Needs Assessment Report
This is the first phase.