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Shutdown Impacts Florida Economy

Amy Newburn | January 16, 2019

The Haas Center analyzed the economic impact of the federal government shutdown in Florida. These results are statewide and were run using REMI by removing 25 days of Federal Civilian output from the baseline forecast of the Florida economy. There are approximately 107,000 federal government civilian jobs (excluding the postal service) in the state of Florida, although not all jobs or federal departments will have been impacted the same. More locally, there are approximately 18,611 jobs in NWFL (13-county region) and 5,810 in the Pensacola MSA.


Total Impact
Total impact in Florida of the federal government shutdown.
Economic impact of the federal government shutdown in Florida by industry.
Economic impact of the federal government shutdown in Florida by occupation.
Federal Civilian Jobs by County
Number of jobs by county

Overall, the federal government shutdown means that Florida has lost 7,118 jobs - mostly in professional, scientific, and technical services. In addition, it's lost more than $2.6 billion in output and $1.66 billion in value-added to the economy. Below, a map (from Emsi) of where these federal civilian jobs are located across the state.