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Haas Center Recruiting Focus Group Participants

Amy Newburn | January 22, 2019

The Haas Center is conducting original research on the use of the sharing economy in Florida. This idea of the "new" economy actually goes by many terms — on their website, the NaCo Future Lab defines it as the gig economy:

The gig economy is made up of three main components: the independent workers paid by the gig (i.e., a task or a project) as opposed to those workers who receive a salary or hourly wage; the consumers who need a specific service, for example, a ride to their next destination, or a particular item delivered; and the companies that connect the worker to the consumer in a direct manner, including app-based technology platforms. Companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Etsy or TaskRabbit act as the medium through which the worker is connected to – and ultimately paid by – the consumer.

We are looking to conduct focus groups with the independent workers, the consumers , and companies - both app-based companies and traditional companies that have adjusted their business plan accordingly. Focus groups will be held at the Innovation Institute in downtown Pensacola, and focus group participants will be compensated for their time. Fill out the survey below to let us know your interest and availability.