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UWF Performance Ensembles

UWF Singers

UWF Singers

The University of West Florida Singers was founded in 1967 at the newly established University of West Florida. With frequent collaborative performances with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, the Pensacola Choral Society, and the Pensacola Children's Chorus, the UWF Singers have continued to be an example of choral excellence in the Northwest Florida region.

The UWF Singers is the flagship choral ensemble at the University of West Florida and requires an audition.  Information is below. Two additional choirs make up the trifecta of choirs at UWF -- the non-auditioned soprano/alto UWF Concert Choir and the non-auditioned student-led tenor/bass Argo Chorus

Contact Dr. Steenblik, director of choral activities, at or 850.474.2183.

UWF Singers

MUN 3313. This SATB choir meets MWF 1:00-2:15 and performs 7-8 times per semester.  Participation requires an audition. Auditions typically occur during the few days preceding each new semester. Additional information, including an informative audition video, can be found at

MUN 3323. This soprano/alto choir meets Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:15 and performs 2-3 times per semester. No audition is required. This choir is designed with the busy student in mind, and we encourage participation from a wide variety of majors.

This student-led tenor/bass choir meets once weekly and performs 1-2 times per semester.  Rehearsal times and location change each semester depending on the needs of those involved in the group. No audition is required. This choir is designed with the busy student in mind, and we encourage participation from a wide variety of majors.

UWF is committed to supporting students who wish to sing in the choirs. For scholarship consideration, contact Dr. Peter Steenblik, director of choral activities, at Updated scholarship information is available at



UWF Symphonic Band

UWF Symphonic Band

The University of West Florida Symphonic Band, a fifty-piece ensemble, is committed to performing the finest wind band and chamber wind ensemble repertoire—both traditional and contemporary. The Symphonic Band is composed of talented musicians from all majors on campus and is dedicated to providing an opportunity for musical growth. The band performs four concerts per year on campus in the Mainstage Theater of the UWF Center for Fine and Performing Arts, with occasional concerts in other venues.

Contact the School of Music Office at or 850.474.2147.

The UWF Symphonic Band is open to all dedicated UWF students with instrumental backgrounds regardless of major!

Symphonic Band meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 PM - 2:15 PM in the CFPA: Bldg. 82/Rm. 140

Credit Options

There is a 0 credit option: 81220 - MUN3133 UWF Symphonic Band
...and a 1 credit option: 80352 - MUN3133 UWF Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band Audition Schedule

  • Option 1: Sunday, August 20, 2-6 pm in the Rehearsal Hall/Music Hall
  • Option 2: Monday, August 21, 3-7 pm in the Rehearsal Hall/Music Hall
  • Option 3: Tuesday, August 22, 12:30-2:30 pm in the Rehearsal Hall

Audition Form 

1) 2 scales of your choice AND chromatic scale showing your range
- both scales must include 3 or more sharps or flats
- Major or Minor (up to you!)
- two octaves (at least)

2) Lyrical Solo/Etude
- choose an excerpt of a solo or etude that you're working on in the lyrical style
- less than 2 minutes

3) Technical Solo/Etude
- choose an excerpt of a solo or etude that you're working on that shows your technique
- less than two minutes

4) Sight reading
- I will choose an excerpt for you to sight read at the audition

Q: What music should I prepare?
A: Prepare excerpts from solos/etudes that you've already worked on - or something that you're currently learning. Choose the prepared music and scales that will show you at your best! One excerpt should be faster/technical and one excerpt should be slower/lyrical.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Treat this as an opportunity to work through performance nerves (we all get them!). Business casual would be appropriate for the audition; make sure it's comfortable!

Q: What should I bring with me to my audition?
A: Bring your instrument, water (if you want), and an extra copy of your prepared music so that I can follow along

  • Q: When will results be posted? When will I get my music?
  • A: Wednesday, 8/26 by 2pm
  • Q: When is the first Symphonic Band rehearsal and will we play? 
  • A: Thursday, 8/27 

If you have any other questions, or none of the available options fit your schedule, please email


UWF Runge Strings

UWF Runge Strings

The Runge Strings Orchestra was created in 2001. The Orchestra consists of graduate and undergraduate music majors and minors. The music director of the orchestra is the director of the UWF String Program is Dr. Leonid Yanovskiy. The orchestra bears the name of the passionate and generous string music supporter, the late Mr. Paul Runge.

The orchestra’s repertoire includes the music from the Baroque and Classical eras to the compositions of the 21st century. The ensemble has accompanied student soloists, UWF faculty members and distinguished guest soloists. as well as performed with various choral and instrumental ensembles: the UWF Singers, the PJC Choral, and the Goliard Chamber Ensemble of New York.

Contact Dr. Leonid Yanovskiy, director of strings, at or 850.474.2526


UWF Jazz Band and Combo

UWF Jazz Band and Combo

The UWF Jazz Program, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Spaniola, offers the student the opportunity to play jazz music and develop their skills in a variety of ensemble settings, from the traditional Jazz Big Band to medium sized ensembles ranging from septets to quartets to the classic jazz trio. Students are exposed to all facets of the art, from sectional playing to soloing, from sight-reading to improvisation. The repertoire focuses on the entire one hundred year history of the genre, enabling the student to become familiar with and authentically perform all of the broad range of styles in this music that we call jazz. Membership in these performance groups is also available to Music Minors and Non-Majors with the permission of the director (audition required).

Contact Dr. Joseph Spaniola, director, at or 850.857.6296

The Argo Athletic Band on field during a home game
UWF Argo Athletic Band

UWF Argo Athletic Band

The UWF Argo Athletic Band is THE performing music ensemble at all home football and basketball games. As a UWF tradition, the Argo Athletic Band strives to instill pride in the University of West Florida students, faculty, alumni and fans by providing the highest quality of musical performance while creating an exciting atmosphere at university, athletics and community events

Learn more about band camp and audition requirements.

Argo Athletic Band

UWF Percussion Ensemble

UWF Percussion Ensemble

The UWF Percussion Ensemble provides quality percussion music to UWF and the Pensacola area. The ensemble is a vital part of the study of percussion by performing a wide range of standard and new works for chamber percussion ensembles.  The UWF Percussion Ensemble performs one concert each semester and has featured notable guest artists such as Blake Tyson, Peter Ferry, Elliot Cole, Benjamin Fraley, and many more. In 2017, the UWF Percussion Ensemble competed at the Chamber Percussion Ensemble Competition at PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention). 

The UWF Percussion Ensemble is open to music and non-music majors with a background in percussion. 

Email Professor Laura Noah at  if you’d like to join! 

Rehearsal Schedule: Monday and Wednesday: 1 PM - 2:15 PM in the Rehearsal Hall of the CFPA (Building 82).

Course: Percussion Ensemble: MUN3443, (1 or 0 credit hour).