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We encourage transfer students to complete virtual orientation. This optional, self-paced course provides useful information to acclimate you to UWF.

About the Course

The transfer student virtual orientation course is provided in Canvas, UWF’s online learning platform. The course is broken down into topic-based modules, which you can navigate at your own pace. You will maintain access to the course throughout your first semester at UWF for use as a reference guide. The course costs $30.

Orientation registration is open for all 2024 terms. Orientation fees are nonrefundable.

Register for Orientation

  1. Go to MyUWF.
  2. Log in using the UWF ID provided in your admission letter. 
  3. Search for and select Orientation Registration for Undergraduates.
  4. Create your registration by entering your UWF ID and all contact information. Be sure to include your preferred email address. The email you enter will be orientation's main form of communication with you.
  5. Fill out the requested information completely. Select the virtual orientation option for transfer students. There will be only one option under “dates.” It will appear as through the course date is over several months, but this simply indicates the time frame in which the course is open for registration.
  6. Try not to leave the screen during registration to prevent issues allowing you to register.
  7. Click Save at the end of the form.
  8. Pay your transfer student virtual orientation fee of $30. We accept Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept American Express or Discover.

Your ArgoNet account will be available for activation the following day after enrolling in freshman orientation. By activating and upgrading your account, you will have access to all of the apps in your MyUWF and your UWF Gmail account. After you have upgraded your account, your advisor will only communicate with you through your student Gmail account. 

Instructions for activating and upgrading your MyUWF account

  • To access your student email account, visit
  • Type your full UWF email address and click next. (Student email addresses are the ArgoNet username followed by
  • Enter your ArgoNet password and click Sign in. (The ArgoNet password is the same password students use to log in to MyUWF.)
  • After you upgrade to an ArgoNet account, you may have to wait 15 minutes before trying to access your UWF Gmail account. 

Instructions for accessing your UWF Gmail account 


When setting up your UWF Gmail account, you will be asked to enroll in two-step verification. UWF users who don't enroll in two-step verification for their UWF Gmail accounts will be locked out of those accounts. 

  • Go to and log in to your UWF Gmail account.
  • Go to Google's 2-Step Verification Enrollment page
  • You should see your options for 2FA. The more commonly used 2FA options are Authenticator app, Voice or Text message, Google prompts, or Backup codes.
  • Ensure that you have at least two of these options enabled. This way, if your 2FA option is unavailable/not working, then you can use your backup 2FA option. 

If you have any difficulties setting up your 2-Step Verification, please contact the ITS Help Desk

Instructions for configuring two-factor authentication methods for Gmail

Access the Course

Approximately 1-2 hours after registering for orientation, you will be able to upgrade your Argonet account. This is required before you can access Canvas. Upgrading simply expands your MyUWF account to that of a full student and creates your official UWF student email address.

Approximately 24 hours after you upgrade, you will receive a message to your new student email account inviting you to join the transfer student virtual orientation course, which you can then complete in Canvas. You can also access this in MyUWF by searching “Canvas.” 

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Next Steps

Review your personal Next Steps Checklist to ensure you are ready for orientation and class registration.

Next Steps Checklist

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Major Change?

If you need to change your major, please complete the Admissions Application Major Change Form.

Change Major

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Transfer Advising

Learn how to make an appointment with your academic adviser and register for your classes.

Transfer Advising