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As part of your orientation registration, you will be required to pay associated fees, which cover operational and programming costs.

Orientation Fee Information

Your spot at orientation will be reserved upon completed registration and payment. All fees associated with orientation are nonrefundable.

Orientation fees are based on programming, content, and operational fees for each type of orientation. The freshman orientation experience is a robust program designed to guide you as you acclimate to college life. Summer/Fall 2023 students will select either an in-person or virtual session option. Incoming students are expected to participate in all orientation content regardless of format.

FAFSA Reminder

UWF will still honor any orientation fee discounts based on financial aid status. These will be applied automatically during registration for eligible students who previously submitted their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

June and July 2023 Orientation Costs:
In-Person Sessions
Fee TypeFreshmenGuests
Orientation Fee $50 $35
Nautilus Card $10 N/A
Housing $35 N/A 
Food $53.37 $37.21
Sales Tax $6.63 $2.79
Total Cost $155 $75
August 2023 Orientation Costs:
In-Person Session
Fee TypeFreshmenGuests
Orientation Fee $50 $35
Nautilus Card $10 N/A
Housing N/A N/A
Food $54.07 $37.21
Sales Tax $4.05 $2.79
Total Cost $118.12 $75
Virtual Orientation
Fee TypeFreshmen
Orientation Fee $50
Nautilus Card $10
Total Cost $60