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Orientation Leaders

  • Camila Carvajal portrait
    Camila Carvajal

    Global Economics; Miami, Florida

  • Ruben Gardner Jr. portrait
    Ruben Gardner Jr.

    Psychology; Mobile, Alabama

  • Jamar Gaskins portrait
    Jamar Gaskins

    Marketing; Orlando, Florida

  • Hunter Lyons portrait
    Hunter Lyons

    Information Technology; Adena, Ohio

  • Abbie Hopper portrait
    Abbie Hopper

    Special Education (ESE); Mobile, AL

  • Alexa Lasnaud portrait
    Alexa Lasnaud

    Cybersecurity; Broward County, Florida

  • Allison Reyndolds portrait
    Allison Reynolds

    Marketing; Panama City, Florida

  • Ashton Bosso portrait
    Ashton Bosso

    History; Gulf Breeze, Florida

  • Emili Noble portrait
    Emili Noble

    Nursing; Marianna, Florida

  • Kevin Choe portrait
    Kevin Choe

    Communications; Pensacola, Florida

  • Madison Jones portrait
    Madison Jones

    Business Marketing; Greeneville, Tennessee

  • Nickson Montoya portrait
    Nickson Montoya

    Biomedical Sciences; Tampa, Florida

  • Noemi Gayten portrait
    Noemi Gayten

    Biomedical Sciences; Seville, Florida

  • Rylee Buzzbee portrait
    Rylee Buzzbee

    Legal Studies; Mobile, Alabama

  • Sai Faal portrait
    Sai Faal

    Biomedical Sciences; Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Thanh Tran portrait
    Thanh Tran

    Global Hospitality and Tourism Management; St. Petersburg, Florida

  •  Virginia Morrison portrait
    Virginia Morrison

    Communication and Political Science; Orange Park, Florida

  • Zach Taylor portrait
    Zach Taylor

    Mathematics; Pensacola, Florida

  • Tyler Weber portrait
    Tyler Weber

    Environmental Management; Lithia, Florida