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Rights and Expectations

Complainants and Respondents have the right to an equitable process to share their story, retain access to the University’s activities and programs, and receive supportive measures from the University.

Right to an Advisor

Both Complainants and Respondents have the right to an advisor to provide support at all phases of the process. If you do not have an advisor and want one, the University can provide one for you. The process allows for the Complainant and Respondent to ask questions of each other during a live hearing. This cross-examination MUST be completed by the parties’ advisor.

Right to an Equitable Process

Title IX Programs will treat all parties with respect and ensure all processes are conducted as thoroughly, fairly, and efficiently as possible.

Right to Privacy

Throughout this process, you have the right to privacy, meaning that the University will do our best to ensure that the details of your case remain as protected as possible and will respect all privacy laws and regulations.

Prohibition Against Retaliation

Retaliation against any persons, including witnesses, is strictly prohibited by Title IX policy and the UWF Student Code of Conduct. Immediately inform the Title IX Coordinator if you suspect retaliation has occurred.

Expectations about Resolution Timelines

Our office strives to conduct thorough and timely resolution processes, however, investigations and adjudication may take a significant amount of time depending on the complexity of the case and responsiveness of all parties.

If you have a question or need to talk to someone about the information listed on this website, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Jenny Hamilton, at 850.474.2175 or