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There are resources available both on and off campus who can provide assistance to parties navigating difficult and/or dangerous situations. All listed services are free and their confidentiality status is notated.

On-campus resources

Off-campus resources

  • Emergency Room Services - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
    Contact: all hospitals in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties
    Confidentiality: Confidential unless the kit is requested to be filed with law enforcement
    Services: The emergency rooms in all hospitals located in Escambia or Santa Rosa County offer medical and trauma exams. Victims of sexual assault or rape should request a trauma exam from a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). A sexual assault forensic examination and evidence collection can be done up to five days after the assault. The SANE examiner will explain all aspects of the medical forensic examination, obtain consent for the examination, and collect evidence if desired. Treatment for STD’s and emergency contraception may also be requested. Forensic evidence can be collected without reporting to law enforcement. The sexual assault examination kit will be stored for four years, in the event an individual chooses to initiate legal action.

  • Favor House of Northwest Florida
    Phone: 850.434.6600
    Confidentiality: Confidential
    Services: Favor House of Northwest Florida offers a variety of resources for victims of domestic/relationship violence including 24/7 crisis lines, shelters, outreach counseling, and transitional housing.

  • Gulf Coast Kid's House
    Phone: 1.800.962.2873
    TDD: 1.800.453.5145
    Confidentiality: Mostly confidential, information can be subpoenaed
    Services: Gulf Coast Kid's House is a children's advocacy center serving Pensacola and Escambia County. As a children's advocacy center, we combine all of the professionals and resources needed for the intervention, investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases under one child-friendly facility. Child victims and their families also receive mental health counseling at our center. The goal of Gulf Coast Kid's House is to form a more collaborative response to child abuse cases so that we can improve case outcomes and minimize trauma to the children and families we serve.

  • Gulf Coast Sexual Assault Program
    Phone866.585.2040 (Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties)
    Confidentiality: Confidential
    Services: Gulf Coast Sexaual Assault Program is a new service in the Pensacola community and replacing the services previously offered at Lakeview Center. The Gulf Coast SAP provides free and confidential resources for victims of sexual violence to seek advocacy, crisis intervention, and support.

Online resources

  • Anti-Violence Project -
    AVP offers a 24/7 hotline, counseling, education, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected individuals who have experienced violence, discrimination, or harassment in the form of Hate Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Violence, HIV-Related Violence, or Institutional Violence.

  • Center for Changing Our Campus Culture -
    Provides the latest research, sample campus policies, protocols, best practices, and information on how to access training opportunities and technical assistance.

  • Florida Council Against Sexual Violence -
    A statewide non-profit organization committed to victims and survivors of sexual violence and the sexual assault crisis programs who serve them.

  • Know Your IX -
    A campaign that aims to educate college students in the US about their rights under Title IX.
  • Love is Respect -
    A resource dedicated for people who are questioning their relationship or have experienced an unhealthy/abusive relationship, stalking, or sexual violence. They offer online resources as well as phone and text hotlines.

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline -
    A national organization that offers 24/7 free and confidential chat and phone hotline services for anyone experiencing a violent/unhealthy relationship or are questioning their relationship. They also offer education and awareness.
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center -
    A national organization whose mission is to provide leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence through collaboration, sharing and creating resources, and promoting research.

  • One Love Foundation -
    One Love Foundation offers free apps for smart phones and other electronic devices through the play store associated with Apple and Android operating systems.
    • One Love MyPlan App assesses relationship safety and helps to create a personalized safety action plan. The app also provides access to trained advocate support 24/7 through an embedded live chat function.
    • One Love Danger Assessment App is designed specifically for 16-24 year olds to assess the safety and health of their relationship. It offers a live chat function that provides 24 hour support through your phone.

  • Rape Abuse & Incest National Network -
    The Nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization that provides an online hotline, national phone hotline, referrals to local service providers, and other information/resources.

If you have a question or need to talk to someone about the information listed on this website, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Jenny Hamilton, at 850.474.2175 or