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Supportive Measures

The University can provide parties involved with incidents falling under Title IX supportive measures to assist with their safety and continued successful participation in the University's activities and programs.

Supportive Measures can be reasonable accommodations for students and/or employees who are complainants, respondents, witnesses, etc., at any time during or after a Title IX process and must be non-disciplinary, non-punitive, and individualized services. A formal complaint or investigation is not a requirement prior to the University providing supportive measures.

Academic Accommodations

Students may request academic accommodations that are reasonable and do not fundamentally alter a course’s layout. Academic accommodations may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Changing sections or schedule of a course so involved parties do not have to share classes
  • Adjustments to coursework
  • Absence verifications
  • Requests for Incompletes

All academic accommodations are provided with the highest level of privacy and only with the approval of the student. Ultimate approval of accommodations and assistance requests are at the discretion of the faculty member.

Housing Accommodations

Students who are living in University Housing and Residence Life locations may feel unsafe due to proximity to other parties involved. The Title IX office may facilitate requests to ensure immediate and ongoing safety. This may include:

  • A lock change
  • Relocation of the requesting student
  • Roommate adjustments
  • Personal Safety Plans

Any housing modifications are subject to room availability. Title IX may or may not be able to assist with any associate fees.

No Contact Orders

Requests for a no contact order can be made and approved by the Title IX Coordinator. No Contact Orders are mutual in nature and are not of themselves a charge or accusation of any wrongdoing. They are put in place to ensure no additional interpersonal conflicts and are placed indefinitely until the Title IX Coordinator lifts them or the parties in question are no longer affiliated with the University.

Workplace Accommodations

Title IX may be able to work with your supervisor to alter your schedule, find an appropriate different working station, or other flexible arrangements to separate a Complainant and Respondent. Both parties must still have full access to working resources and the hours assigned to them. No changes can be punitive in nature or alter access.

Long Term Accommodations

UWF Title IX accommodations are intended to be short-term remedies to assist students navigate the aftermath of a Title IX incident and a potential ensuing investigation. Further accommodations can be made as needs arise or as a formal resolution process requires.

Students needing long term accommodations including mental health challenges or other documented difficulties may need to report to Student Accessibilities Resources for further assistance.

If you have a question or need to talk to someone about the information listed on this website, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Jenny Hamilton, at 850.474.2175 or