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SOLD Course

The SOLD Course on Canvas must be completed by two incoming officers of each RSO annually. This course covers topics such as; Argo Pulse, RSO Policies,and A&S Funding and Expenses. Officers will be enrolled into the course by the Student Organization team based on the Registration/Renewal submissions.

The two officers that complete this course are the only two that will receive finance access in Argo Pulse. Advisors and multiple officers may complete the course, but only the two student officers listed on the Registration/Renewal form will count towards the completion of the Registration/Renewal Process.

SOLD Conference

The student Organization team understands that not all organizations have completed their elections or officer transition process by the registration/renewal opening date (April 1st). However, it is encouraged that members that are interested in running for an office position sign up to attend the SOLD Conference. Similar to the SOLD Course on Canvas, the conference will cover Argo Pulse, RSO Policies,and A&S Funding and Expenses as well as goal setting, team building, etc.

Organizations with two or more officers in attendance for the upcoming academic year, will not have to complete the SOLD Course on Canvas and may attend the conference in the course’s place.

If you have any questions or are interested in attending the SOLD Conference please contact

SOLD Workshops

SOLD Workshops are supplemental workshops that can be requested by any Registered Student Organization. A member of the Student Organization Team will attend the organization’s meeting to present the requested workshop to the organization’s members. Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance of the requested workshop. The SOLD Workshops are presented as an educational tool to advance the success and prolong the organizations activeness. Workshops generally last 20-30 minutes, but may vary depending on the number of members in attendance.

Please fill out the SOLD Workshop Registration Form to request a SOLD Workshop presentation. You will receive confirmation from a Student Organization Team member within 24-72 hours.

Workshop Topics:

  • Member Retention
  • Communication
    • Marketing/Social Media
    • Verbal
    • Written
  • Event Planning and Collaboration
  • Risk Management