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Involvement Weekly

The Involvement Weekly newsletter goes out every week while classes are in session to the primary contact and advisor of all Registered Student Organizations.

The Involvement Weekly is an opportunity for student organizations and departments to share information to student organizations about upcoming events, leadership opportunities, funding opportunities and information that is available to them and the campus community.

The criteria for opportunities to be published in the Involvement Weekly are:

  • Requests must be submitted by Monday.
  • The opportunity/event must be student organization-focused.
  • Information is solely for student organizations as a whole.
  • Specific messages will be shared a maximum of two consecutive weeks.

Student Involvement staff will make final decisions on whether any message will be included in the Involvement Weekly. Any questions regarding a submission should be directed to

Student organizations that would like to advertise an event can do so through Argo Pulse by creating an event and including that it is open to the public.