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Faculty and Staff 911 Guides

Faculty and Staff 911 Guides provide instructions, checklists and information concerning different situations that you may encounter as a UWF employee.


Classroom Disruption Faculty and Staff 911 Guides

Resources available for front-line staff, professors and teaching assistants when classroom disruption occurs.

For more information and/or assistance, contact the Dean of Students Office at 850.474.2384.

Suicide Prevention Faculty and Staff 911 Guides

This guide will help you to determine whether the situation poses an immediate threat of harm, a possible threat of harm or a serious ongoing concern. 

If you are concerned about a student but unsure what to do or who to contact, contact UWF Counseling and Psychological Services at 850.474.2420 and ask to consult with a counselor. 

Sexual Assault Faculty and Staff 911 Guide

This guide will help you discover resources available, procedures in place and responsibilities you have if you are in a situation where a student discloses they have been sexually assaulted. 

The University faculty and staff are obligated to report the name of the student as well as the time, date, and approximate location of the incident to the Title IX Program's Coordinator at 850.474.2914.