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Leaving UWF

These frequently asked questions will help you prepare for leaving the university.

If you are a student, your ArgoNet account will be deleted or automatically downgraded to a limited access MyUWF account after three consecutive semesters of non-enrollment. The limited access MyUWF account does NOT include email, Google Apps, or data file storage (H drives), but does include access to your student records.

Please visit the ArgoNet Account Checklist for Students Leaving UWF for instructions to prepare your ArgoNet account to be downgraded to a MyUWF account. 

Note: Your official UWF email address is issued to you for the purposes of facilitating your business with the University, and is not a personal address. Do not use it for such things as signing on to cloud services, paying bills or anything that would require access to the account after you are no longer a student. We strongly recommend that you remove all files from your H and I drives and all emails that you wish to keep from your email account before the account is downgraded. Once your ArgoNet account is downgraded to a limited access MyUWF account, your files and email messages will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

If you are an employee, your account will be downgraded three weeks after Human Resources terminates your employment. However, your supervisor may request a 60-day extension of your account so that you have more time to tie up loose ends. After the downgrade, you will still be able to log into MyUWF for an additional 36 months, but you will only have access to tax-related information.

All email messages will be unavailable once the account is deactivated. You should notify anyone who sends email to your UWF address of the change. Messages sent to your UWF address will be returned to the sender with a "user unknown" message.

All files will be deleted when the account is deleted. If you wish to save your files, you must remove them from your H: and I: drives before your account is deactivated. The ITS Help Desk would be glad to assist you in migrating these files. 

No, when you leave UWF you must remove any software that you received from UWF. Continuing to use this software once you leave the university is a violation of the software license.

Yes, you are encouraged to leave a current email address and mailing address with the university.

Graduating students can update their official contact information in MyUWF. Search for Contact and Privacy Information.

Employees who are leaving the university should leave their future contact information with Human Resources.