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Confluence is a central place for documentation and team collaboration at the University of West Florida.

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What is Confluence?

Confluence is a wiki, a piece of software that runs on a server. It publishes web pages that you can read via a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The thing that makes wiki pages different from other web pages is the edit button. Provided that you have the right permissions, you can edit the page, save your changes, and the updates will be visible to other people immediately. 

Confluence provides extra functionality that transforms it into a social collaboration platform. You can use it to collaborate on writing and sharing content with your team. Your content can be as simple or as rich as you like. It can be just words, or you can add images, diagrams, activity streams, web service integration and more.

Where is Confluence?

Confluence is available from Confluence in MyUWF.

The Business Process Library is just one of many spaces in Confluence.
Getting Started with the Business Process Library

Navigating with Confluence