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TurnItIn Plagiarism Detection

UWF maintains a license agreement for TurnItIn, an online plagiarism detection service. Using advanced search technology, TurnItIn checks papers against a proprietary database of millions of previously submitted student papers.

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Plagiarism Detection

The TurnItIn service has the potential to be an important resource for promoting information literacy as well as encouraging academic integrity. All UWF faculty have access to the TurnItIn service and may request an account by contacting Gabby Bustamante (473-7435) at the Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.

Because TurnItIn has implications for copyright of student work and privacy of student academic records covered by FERPA, it is important that TurnItIn be used appropriately. The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment maintains support information on their web site about using the TurnItIn service including a recommended notice for course syllabi. 

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